Immunization at SPCH

Immnunization is very important Babies and children under 5 years of age are all to be immunized aganist the major preventable childhood diseases which unfortunately are also deadly..

The immunization schedule includes the following

    • Polio(OPV) At birth
    • BCG at birth
    • Hepatitis(HBV) at birth
    • Polio and DPT(OPV and DPT) at 6 weeks
    • Hepatitis(HBV) at 6 weeks
    • Polio and DPT(OPV and DPT) at 10 weeks
    • Polio and DPT(OPV and DPT) at 14 weeks
    • Hepatitis (HBV) at 14 weeks
    • Measles at 9 months

    Yellow fever at 9 month and repeat every 10m years/ Vitamin A mother takes 1st dose at first presentation with baby for immunization. Baby is given at 9 months and every 6 months until 5years. Tetanus toxoid booster dose at 5 years.

     The philosophy of this Hospital is to provide excellent medical care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

    Pregnant mothers also have immunization during the antenatal period and this is the tetanus toxoid immunzation. Every woman of child bearing age is expected to take 5 doses of intramuscular tetanus toxoid immunization and this gives the mother protection for life and also the baby for the first few months of life are also protected aganist the tetanus bacteria.

    he schedule for tetanus toxoid immunization is as follows The schedule for tetanus toxoid immunization is as follows
  • TT1 at first contact or as early as possible
  • TT2 At least 4 weeks after TT1
  • TT3 at leats 6 months after TT2 or during subsequent pregnancy
  • TT4 at least one year afte TT3 or during subsequent pregnancy.
  • TT5 At least one year after TT4 or during subsequent pregnancy.

  • Immunization days at SPCH are;

  • Monday; DPT/HBV/OPV
  • Tuesday; DPT/HBV/OPV and infacnt welfare clinic
  • Wednesday; Yellow fever, measles and vitamin A immunization
  • Thursday; BCG/HBV/OPV
  • Friday; DPT,HBV and OPV
  • Tentanus toxoid immunization is available everyday for pregnant mothers.

  • CARE OF THE NEWBORN Mothers are advised to take proper care of the umbilical stump by cleaning with methylated spirit on cotton wool at every change of nappy/diaper.

    The umbilical stump should be cleaned from the base to the apex (from the immediate umbilical area and stump to the tip of the stump) The stump is expected to fall by 7 to 10 days.

    Mothers are also advised to check all orifices for abnormalities, discharge etc. The orifices include: anus, vagina, penis, ears,eyes nose etc. They are counselled to use good and affordable baby productand to use light and comfortable wears for baby especially cotton wears. They are also advised to examine baby everyday especially at bath time looking out for jaundice, etc.

    Male Circumcision:

    This is an age long cultural ptactuce, SPCH has gained a good reputation for safe male circumcision, circumcision is carriedout tuesday and thurdays using safe and very effective plastibell method. Release f tongue tie(if present) is also carried out, following the procedure mothers are advised on the care of the circumcised penis.

    Useful Tips include.
  • Bathe the baby normally as before the procedure
  • Do not massage the site with hot water
  • Apply Penicillin onitment( Usually provided) liberally around the area every 2 hours for the first 24 hours then every 6 hours, after each bath and after each change of diaper.
  • The Plastibel(Plastic ring used for circumcision) falls off by itself between the 5th and 8th day. if this fails, consult the doctor.
  • Consult the hospital for any bleeding ir discharge from the site.

    Pls note that Circumcision is not done if the site is infected, the baby has a bleeding disease or the penis is not well developed and urine is coming from everywhere other than the tip of the penis.