Saint Philomina School of Midwifery

Saint Philomina School of Midwifery has been in the forefront of midwifery education for over 50 years. Based in Benin city, Edo State Nigeria, the school is a private, registered midwifery program that offers a two-year associate's degree. Students who scores 50% and above, both in theory and practicaly exams and enrolled for the council qualifying examination, and the School is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Midwifery, Inc.

Through a strong theoretical and clinically based program, Saint Philomina School of Midwifery graduates receive the skills and confidence to provide the community with competent, quality midwifer care.  Learning in a hospital environment prepares our students to work in a variety of clinical settings. Our midwives secure employment in hospitals, home healthcare, education, long-term care, public health administration, occupational health and research. MSaint Philomina School of Midwifery provides the foundation for midwifery who are committed to excellence and are prepared to embark on a career that provides a professional challenge as well as satisfaction of spirit.

The School is part of Saint Philomena Health System, a premier academic medical center with significant research and teaching programs.