Brief History


St. Philomena Catholic hospital was estbalished in february 1941, as a biblical mustard seed by the catholic Bishop of Benin City, Bishop Patrick Joseph Kelly.

The Maternity over the years finally evolved to the status of a hospital, which is now known as St. Philomena Catholic Hospital (SPCH). The Hospital has grown to expand its range of services as it now offers many other services other than maternity services. it has also, in a bid to offer more to the society, estbalished a midwifery training school where the manpower need for maternity services are well addressed. It has produced hundreds of midwives whose services are being utilized worldwide.

In 1943, the Rev. sisters and other members of staff including princess Eweka (Benin Kingdom) established several maternity homes and dispensaries all over what is now known as Edo and Delta state, from this maternity established are:

 The philosophy of this Hospital is to provide excellent medical care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Although the maternity home was originally founded to care for mothers and babies but the health care need of the society gradually affected the primary objective of the founders, thus the maternity home gradually started to diversify her services to other areas such as General medicine, General surgery and peadiatrics, so that by 1971 it became a full fledge hospital. Hence a board of management was set up to help in the administration of the hospital in 1983